Fascinating and unique.

a collection like no other.

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“Following the death of Valerie Howkins, we are now closed.

All items from the collections are for sale.”

Valerie Howkins lived in Great Yarmouth since 1951, and set up the museum in memory of her son David, who died at a young age.  In the display cases, you will see many small items which are interesting in themselves, but part of the enjoyment of your visit is that Val could tell you a story about each of them.  To display all that extra information would require ten times the space, so we are gradually finding other ways to provide a more complete picture for our visitors.

“An amazing collection.”


And enter our 102-year-old building, with its magnificent Art Nouveau Stained Glass Window and Grand Staircase, and now housing a fascinating and unique collection of items from times gone by, a host of memories. A century ago, King Street was a very important street in Great Yarmouth. Our premises were architect-designed and purpose-built for the Great Yarmouth Gas Company in 1912, and are described by National Heritage as “a rare surviving building type” – “one of the very earliest surviving gas showrooms”. At that time in history, Health and Safety rules didn’t prevent customers from going upstairs, but for a long time, we had to operate purely on the ground floor, and our unique collection was a little overcrowded.

“A beautiful display of ingenious work.”